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Project Revitalizing a utility's market position with customer loyalty

Revitalizing a utility's market position with customer loyalty
Utilities & Alternative Energy

Project description

One of Europe’s largest utilities was steadily losing customers as consumers gained the right to select their energy supplier. To boost customer loyalty, Consult Plus helped UtilityCo transform itself into a customer-focused culture with an innovative loyalty strategy designed to better meet consumers’ needs while creating significant financial benefits for the future. UtilityCo faced erosion of its long-established leadership due to regulatory changes that redefined marketplace competition. With more suppliers pursuing them, customers raised their expectations and took advantage of attractive offers, including improved pricing and more flexible energy products. To curb the high customer churn rate in its retail business, Consult Plus worked with the utility’s CEO to improve customer loyalty through a comprehensive program, including cultural change.

Project features

  • Benchmark performance against competitors in each country.
  • Address individual transaction performance by using “closed-loop feedback” processes to learn and improve customer loyalty in near-real time.
  • Quantify the economic benefits of customer loyalty.
  • It established a customer-centric vision by business unit and implemented corresponding strategic change plans.
  • Management developed segmented offerings that better served customers and helped adapt local retail strategies.
  • The Net Promoter System was broadened to also drive "internal customer orientation": internal pilots were implemented with major support functions.

With a customer loyalty-focused culture, the European utility is repositioning itself as an innovative competitor, offering more flexible pricing, products and services.

Customer loyalty is now embedded across the organization, from top managers to frontline workers—over half routinely receive Net Promoter Scores and customer feedback. For UtilityCo, increased loyalty is delivering significant financial benefits, with a 10-year program net present value of several hundred million Euro.

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Dialing up customer experience in telecommunications

Dialing up customer experience in telecommunications

Not satisfied with small but steady growth and cognizant of an increasingly competitive landscape, the leadership of a European telecommunications provider turned to Consult Plus for support. Given the importance of customer experience as a differentiating factor in the industry, Consult Plus focused on helping the company launch its Net Promoter System®. In just a few months, with the system in place, the company's scores improved as much as 50 percentage points, helping to boost acquisition and reduce churn. Despite respectable revenue growth, the leadership team at TelecomCo remained wary of increasing competitive pressures in their market and of internal operational issues related to sales execution and customer service that threatened growth. To help resolve these issues and identify further value creation opportunities, the team asked Consult Plus to review their performance. Consult Plus and the team at TelecomCo approached their work with an understanding of the importance of customer experience to telecommunications providers. In fact, Consult Plus analysis shows that companies that excel with customer experience grow revenues 4%–8% above their market because a superior experience helps to earn stronger loyalty among customers, turning them into promoters who tend to buy more, stay longer and make recommendations to their friends. As measured by its Net Promoter Score, TelecomCo lagged behind its competitors in customer experience, and surveys indicated that the company’s network and customer service offerings were particularly weak. A customer experience transformation presented the opportunity to turn these figures around.
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Boosting salesforce effectiveness of a PE-owned portfolio company

Boosting salesforce effectiveness of a PE-owned portfolio company

When an Asia-based private equity consortium purchased a local directory publisher, it inherited a firm that seemed to be in a downward spiral. Both customers and employees were leaving fast, leading to revenue declines in each of the previous five years and little hope for improvement in sight. The investors called on Consult Plus to help turnaround the situation and increase salesforce effectiveness, leading to a more than two time return on their investment upon exit. DirectoryCo was among the leading directory providers in the Asia-Pacific region, but inefficiencies in its sales process hindered advertising revenue and overall growth. As with many companies, it could not reach its full potential without increasing its salesforce effectiveness. At the same time, the processes and systems to manage and incentivize sales staff were inadequate. An inefficient compensation structure drove high turnover, but declining revenues made it hard to retain top performers or attract high-quality new salespeople. This vicious cycle perpetuated customer defections, and ultimately, revenue declines. Consult Plus worked with the new private equity owners, along with DirectoryCo management, to identify, prioritize and resolve the most pressing salesforce challenges. The teams set the tone for the project by initially segmenting and prioritizing customers and accounts, identifying the profit potential associated with each one.
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Organization transformation for an oil and gas super major
Oil & Gas

Organization transformation for an oil and gas super major

OilCo wanted to shift from a geocentric model to a global model to improve performance, but doing so presented significant cultural and logistical challenges. Bain helped OilCo map roles, update critical systems, standardize key processes and communicate clearly to business units. The result: The new, centralized organization was implemented ahead of schedule and with minimal disruption to the business.
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