General Questions

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    What happens after I complete the Request Services form?

    A Consult Plus Specialist will reply to you to recommend resources and services based on your needs and goals and provide a cost estimate. This might include consulting services along with print or online resources that would compliment the onsite workshop and allow you to extend services.

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    How long does it take?

    When the process kicks off we establish how far you want to take it. We will be satisfied only when you have stretched the goal and target definition so far that you don’t believe it anymore. Then we will prove to you that it is completely achievable. Now we get straight to work. Step by step we address every single thing that might become an obstacle to achieving your new goals. Even issues that are hard to detect and address. Soon your business or company will become lighter, more streamlined and efficient. And even more, fun to work in.

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    How do you guarantee the results you talk about?

    The question is not whether we will achieve the identified results targets – the question is whether your organization will. Achieving the desired results is guaranteed through the mutual cooperation with our clients. We work closely together with our clients to break down overarching goals to the individual level, in order for all employees to see how they contribute and thereby carry responsibility. We will be present with our clients every week and work with leaders and groups within the business organization. Clear goals, clear measurability, and an obvious presence in the organization on the part of Consult Plus is maintained in order to drive the work towards the results targets and breakthroughs. 

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    What sets you apart from other consultants?

    We actively challenge business leaders to look beyond own perceived limitations and identifying targets they never previously dared dream of. Then we help them succeed. A cooperation with Consult Plus is not a deskstudy – together we specifically go over your expectations and where your organization can go. Thereafter we will identify the necessary actions and implementations leading to the desired results and design the solutions to carry your business through to the goal. But Consult Plus is more than just planning from a holistic perspective – seeing through a strategy is not only about implementation and seeing a result but something that must be taught and absorbed in order to be sustainable.

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    Are you always successful in the projects you work on?

    The undertaking we engage in with our clients is mutual. Together we will join hands and do everything in our power to achieve the ambitious results breakthroughs we have identified together. We are always so invested in the projects we undertake with our customers that we actually are willing to risk our fees. Therefore we, on Consult Plus's part, also invest the time necessary for the client to achieve the goals. And we must go all the way before the customer is liable to compensate us in full.

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    What are the backgrounds of your consultants?

    Our Consult Plus coaches and consultants come from many varied professional backgrounds, with solid leadership experience from within sales, strategy-planning, medicine, analytics, management, HR, technical areas, communications, and business development.


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